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I purchased a mattress from Mattress Giant 2 years ago. Prior to 2 years the mattress was worn and warped not fit for no man to sleep on. I tried to contact the company by phone and the Internet to have the company honor their warranty I was unsuccessful. I tried going to the store where I purchased the mattress the store was gone without a trace. The company seems to have gone out of business leaving me stuck. Stuck with a no good mattress and... Read more

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I purchased a Kingsdown Kritsten mattress from the Mattress Giant in Mansfield MA and was assured repeatedly that I had 21 days to return the set if I wasn't satisfied. I wasn't. This mattress has zero support. I'm a side sleeper and was scammed by the salesman into believing this was the mattress for me. I did much dickering to get this mattress down in price. Paid cash, bought on the spot, purchased mattress cover, pillows,... Read more

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Where do I start bought a Kings Down Mattress set about 3 years ago The mattress started staging in the middle called about the warranty only to find out I need my original receipt which of course I can not find I was told to contact the store and obtain a copy of it at which time the chain has been bought by sleepy"s and they do not have any of the records and can get no one to even try to help me get a copy what a rip off will never by from... Read more

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I went into the store and the new manager sold me on a discontinued Sealy memory foam bed. After checking inventory, found that the last one in the area was his floor model. My previous bed was a Sealy from Sam s so I had no reservations about the unit. After 4 weeks, I contacted the store manager and told him the the bed was sinking in the center and was becoming uncomfortable to sleep in. He told me that since I did not buy his expensive... Read more

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I bought a highend Queen mattress and box spring from them back in March! The sides started to fold and the middle started to sink in! When we called we got the run around for a month! Finally, someone came out to look at the mattress! An inspector! After two weeks we had to contact them again only to be told that our all wooden bed frame was not sufficient for this queen mattress! That it needed a center support! At no time were we ever told,... Read more

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i purchased a TOP OF THE LINE SERTA GEL FIRM MATTRESS WITH A MOTORIZED BASE. i walked into the store with a close friend early evening, no one around but Bob, the Salesman, and the District Manager....first thing I asked you have strong knowledge and experience in mattress sales to people with back backs....he chuckled and said he'd been selling for 9 years. He brought me over to the Serta Gel's on display for $3,074... Read more

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got a mattress and can not sleep on it would like to trade for a nother one a king size I got a queen was on sale 1500.00 can you help me the queen hurts my can call me at 941-729 2097 my name is Wendy Hazelbaker the store closed up merge with a nother store in Palmtto Fla. me please .the bed is still in good condetion just got it saterday april 28th one of them gel beds .Kennys back hert to just cant sleep on it it... Read more

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I purchased a mattress from Mattress Giants not even 6 months ago. The mattress is sinking in on both side, I called in the warranty people they sent someone to the house to check the mattress. I got a letter back from the company with a credit for a new mattress however it does not include the box spring. If you buy a new mattress you also have to purchase the box spring or you warranty will not be valid because you have a mattress from one... Read more

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I bought a mattress and a mattress cover. I did not like the quality of the mattress cover so I refused shipment. I waited a week for a refund. No refund. I called the store to discuss the mattress cover refund. The salesperson said, "I'm just a salesperson. It takes a manager to do a refund." He told me to call back on the weekend. That's incredible. He cannot do a refund. In this age of technology a salesperson cannot refund a mattress... Read more

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i purchase a tempur pedic ergo king adjustable dual from mattress giant in Salem new Hampshire ,they where advertising that they were going out of business they lye .any way i have lower back problem.this dame mattress is making me twist and turn every night i cannot sleep.i hate this f.......mattress. the sales rep was very friendly, until he sold me the mattress,he even gave me his cellphone number once they got what they want it, its like... Read more

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