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My parent bought a king size mattress at st peters,mo from mattress gaint it has a hump in the middle andbody impressions on it and its not a year old yet she has called this company and a woman came out and look at the mattress and sent her a letter saying this was normal its not a year old everyone stay away from mattress gaint they dont back up there warrenty and there rude please go anywhere else but here they got screwed and there still paying on it a matress that cost that much this company need to close its doors beware dont go to mattress gaint anywhere, and not in ST peters, MO Brenda Phillips

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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excuse me but what does "not defective enough" mean? if u ask me that sounds like bull!!!!

i was on this site for the purpose of shopping for a new bed but now... just the very thought of sum1 saying my bed is not defective enough is all the reason i need to look else where!!!


As much as i hated that place, your issue is not with them, the person that looked at your mattress is a 3rd party company that is non-bias and they determin if the mattress is defective or not. It may be defective but just not defective enough to warrant a claim. MG has no control over this situation, All they do is submit the claim.

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